welcome to the Minnesota atv riders.com

Minnesota ATV Riders Mission. 

“ It’s not about this group being better than any other group.
It’s not about any club being better than any other.
It’s about a place where people can connect, ride together.
Promote all clubs.
Share their adventures through images.
Grow this amazing sport in Minnesota, and give a little back.”




We are very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to ride and work with so many great people and clubs here in Minnesota. We will continue to work hard to meet our mission goals. 


Thank you so much!!!

Dean Schliek

Minnesota ATV Riders CEO 

how the store works.

(With the Exception of Decals and Magnets.)

Because MN ATV RIDERS donates all it's proceeds back to local charities we do not keep inventory on hand. Not keeping inventory and ordering in a bulk order allows us to get a better price on all the gear, thus having more to donate at the end of each fund raising cycle. 






1) The store will be open for a set period of time or fund raising cycle.

2) All items will be submitted to our vendors in one bulk order, ensuring the best pricing which will yield a larger donation pool. 

3) Vendors will send all items to MN ATV RIDERS, where we will check those items then ship your order to you. 

4) We have discoverd in this process that this is the most cost effective and will maximize our fund raising efforts. 

5) We will keep all of our members updated throughout the process on the FACEBOOK page. 


 We can't thank you enough for the support you have shown us! We are truly blessed to have great people supporting what we do and showing the positive side of ATV riders in Minnesota!